Tuesday, 4 April 2017

ANZAC Day Learning

Room 1 have been leaning about ANZAC Day. 
Today we discussed a cenotaph, what it is, where we see them and looked at images of the cenotaph on Stockade Hill in Howick. 

With a buddy we chose one of the names engraved on the cenotaph and researched using the Auckland Museum's Online Cenotaph to learn more about our soldier. 
We created posters to show what we discovered. 

The soldiers were:
Stephen Bell
Ronald Hunter
Douglas Mason
Eric Clarke
Ernest Caddigan
Edgar Robertson
Andrew Stevenson Thompson
Jack Reeves
Edward Mcdonald
James Drake
Walter Broomfield
Henry Hulme

Did you know ... Daniel chose Jack Reeves, because he lives on Reeves Road! Room 1 were amazed at how many names connected with roads and streets in our area. 

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